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Fanart Image Gallery

This is the page were I'll put my Team Rocket drawings.
I also put here pics of the stuffed Meowth I made.
He's part of my James' costume. When the costume will be finished I'll put pics of it here too :)
Or maybe I'll open a little "Cosplay Page" ^__^

Eugeal, James and Jessie James and Koffing caught Pikachu My stuffed Meowth I made it in a few days Meowth will be a part of my James Cosplay James sitting on a window I'd like a Swatch like this one I had fun doing this :) Aren't they sweet? Jessie is mad at James A Pikachu to the stars James hugging Meowth Team Rocket on flying pokemon James looking cool Jessie, James and all their pokemon James'ghost hugs Jessie James wakes up in the abandoned house

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